Voice Class
Instructor - Kate Fogg

Voice class focuses on the basics of healthy singing technique and storytelling through music for ages 8 and up or by special permission.  Students play confidence building games, sing together as a group and also have the opportunity to work on individual songs in a workshop setting.

Movement Class    
Instructor - Phil Burns 

Burns Music Studio is so much more than music lessons.  Phil has extensive experience in somatic integration bringing freedom of movement, relaxation and breath work to musical processes.  His work encompasses the whole body and connects musical requirement to freedom of movement and expression by guiding the individual through managing their daily tensions.  His work helps peel away unnecessary tensions in musical processes connecting the body with the breath and ultimately the musical creative process.  This class is for everyone.  Performers and non performers alike.  

Homeschool Improv/Movement 
Instructors - Alek Sayers and Phil Burns

Improv supports learning by helping develop a sense of play and helps students learn to communicate and socialize with ease. Students gain confidence being supported in their contributions to the process. Improv is liberating, getting students out of their heads and allowing them to connect freely. 

Movement supports learning! When the learning practices of students are centered in mindfulness, tension management and proper body structure, their experiences are full of freedom, imagination and self directed creativity.

Instructors - Various

Burns Music Studio offers free value added masterclasses with studio instructors and special guest artists providing  opportunities for students to share their work with professionals in the field for feedback and guidance.  Each session ends with a Q&A allowing students to actively engage with the artists and get specific advice that pertain to their particular areas of interest and artistic need.