Cancellation policy:

At the start of the pandemic, we made the decision to loosen our attendance and payment policies as getting through life had become so hard for so many.  As we’ve observed the changes in the world and the people who surround us, we believe that we are in a place where we can return to more structure on our studio calendars and our expectations.  As a result, we are returning to a semester system.  All students will be financially responsible for the specific number of weeks that their teacher is teaching this semester.  If you know you have an upcoming conflict, please let your teacher know and make arrangements to switch with another student.  If you can’t find another student to swap lesson times with, please let your teacher know so that they can find a time that will work.  

Make up lessons are ONLY given for emergencies, sickness, inclement weather, and if your teacher needs to cancel for any reason. 

If you have any questions or challenges, please reach out!  Above all else, we want to make lessons as helpful, enjoyable and accessible as we can. 

Payment options:

Cash, Check, Venmo, PayPal, Bank transfer.  

Please make checks payable to "Burns Music Studio" 

Frequency options:

Weekly payments - Cash only

Monthly payments - due at the BEGINNING of the month

Full semester cash payments receive a 5% discount

Lesson Rates:


$60.00 - hour

$45.00 - 45 minutes

$30.00 - 30 minutes


$40.00 -  hour

$30.00 - 45 minutes  

$20.00 - 30 minutes 


$40.00 - hour

$30.00 - 45 minutes

$20.00 - 30 minutes

Auditions/Repertory sessions