Phil and I are grateful to hear about how our work supports the creative paths of the amazing young artists of our community!  


It’s so reassuring to know that students in Maine are getting such excellent instruction and foundational work. --  Lori L'italien, Boston Conservatory (Burns Music Studio Vocal Masterclass)*

I really have no words... I feel like I am constantly telling you, lovely Tina and Phil, how much we love and appreciate you. It is heartfelt very single time I say it. I mean it even more when I say it today than I did the first time I uttered the words. You are gifts to our children, and therefore, to all of us. You have created an environment that nurtures these kids with such love and kindness. As a result, they are willing to take risks, they love and support each other...and they soar! Thank you for doing what you do! Magical!   ❤️  🎼  🎶 -- Beth Quealy Hagerty*

The Burns Vocal Arts Studio gave me the confidence I needed to be able to sing in front of people while I was playing the guitar! And now… I have a song on iTunes! The best around... -- Misty Burgess*

*from Facebook