Showcase Announcement

Friday, August 12, 2022 by Tina Burns | Uncategorized

Hello everyone!  

I'm writing to confirm that we did not get enough people signed up to perform a summer showcase this coming Wednesday the 17th.  We needed at least 20 students and we only had 10 who were available to perform.  As I'm sure you can imagine, there are many moving parts that go into an event like this.  To name a few, there are fees associated with renting the recital hall, equipment set up, programs, getting the word out, accompanying, directing, paying band members for their time and talent, administrative efforts and making sure there is an enthusiastic audience present for the students to perform for.  We will keep trying to rally students together for performance opportunities.  In the meantime, spread the word that we have openings!  The more students we have, the more likely we will have enough people available and willing to share their work.  In the future we will be sending out surveys before we schedule performances to gather information on whether or not scheduling a performance is worthwhile for the students as well as our administration and staff.  With these efforts, we hope to decrease the element of disappointment for the students who are excited to sing for their friends and family.  Please accept my sincerest apologies that this did not work out the way many of us were hoping.  I appreciate your understanding and flexibility as we find our way forward out of the pandemic and continue to work through trying times.  Thank you for being with us!  You all are wonderful and we are so happy to have this amazing studio family!  On to the next...

With love,

Tina, Phil, Kate and Chana